Eye On The Arts – Fundraising Campaign

For many, Lakeshore PBS is their only view to the world. For the young who yearn to explore and understand different cultures, perspectives and views. For those that seek out information to gain clarity on their own community and for the young at heart who have seen so much of history and want to revisit and reminisce. For those that love the arts, this audience is indeed special. They are touched in all the ways the arts impact our community. Lakeshore PBS produces and broadcasts a very special program called “Eye on the Arts,” which features artists of the region and their medium of expression. This engaging and beautifully shot program brings you the very heart and soul of the artist.

Now, Lakeshore PBS is excited to present a special program for “Eye on the Arts” that includes members of the art community who impart upon you just how important this unique program is. From the arts as an economic driver and a foundation for quality of place to its powers of rehabilitation and expression. “Eye on the Arts” presents all the good for this great place we call home.

To show our appreciation for your support, any donation of $6 or more will receive a 12-month subscription to our Member Guide, access to Lakeshore PBS Passport, and an exclusive Member Discount Card. Donate $10 or more and you’ll get all of that plus your choice of a Lakeshore PBS Tote Bag or Lakeshore PBS Mug.

The mission of Lakeshore PBS provides for a foundation for learning regardless of the viewers age or background. Curiosity and thinking plant the seeds of growth, innovation and knowledge. Lakeshore PBS opens the door to this process. Lakeshore PBS viewers and even more so, its members, value this kind of programming. Because you know you can depend on Lakeshore PBS to provide programming you can trust to be honest and true, unbiased and educational.

Diverse Experiences for a Diverse Audience

The joy and value the arts brings to you the viewer is priceless, but there are real costs to producing this important program. Buying and maintaining camera, sound and editing equipment, keeping the power on, all this takes serious funding. Help us to reach our goal of $50,000, this amount will help to ensure production and broadcast of “Eye on the Arts” for the next year. It’s only through your support that the arts will always take center stage on this PBS station and in our community. Your ongoing monthly donation as a sustainer makes a world of difference in this station’s ability to create and deliver this wonderful program. It doesn’t take much– a monthly commitment of, say, $10, $20, or $30 to ensure the future of great artistic programs just like this. And it’s all made possible through your monthly sustaining donation. Please take the first step and become a sustaining member right now. “Eye on the Arts” and the artists we focus on, are counting on you.

Why we are asking you to help right now

In July 2018, Lakeshore PBS broadcast transmitter suffered an extreme power surge during a lightning storm which knocked the station off the air for all television providers with the exception of Comcast. During this time, approximately 40% of our membership could not view the programming they value most. To date, the resulting financial impact to Lakeshore Public Media is approximately $719,450 in lost membership revenue and the cost of repairs and equipment. Insurance will cover some of this total, however at this time we can only anticipate less than 50% ($359,700).