Corporate Sponsorship

Invest In Your Brand And In Your Community

Businesses and organizations of every size support Lakeshore through tax-deductible support and have found it to be a powerful tool to promote their services to a broad audience at an affordable price. Align your company with the mission of public broadcasting and reach the culturally diverse community of NW Indiana and the Chicagoland area.

Our Audience Is Your Audience

Public broadcasting provides trusted, valued content that has minimal interruption to an enthusiastic, community-minded audience. Our viewers and listeners love the station so much they donate their dollars so that we can continue to provide NPR news, PBS television, and create quality, award-winning locally-produced programs.

Lakeshore PBS reaches 3.4 million households (9 million viewers) covering 7 counties in NW Indiana and 7 counties across Chicagoland. Viewers enjoy the best PBS content along with exclusive local programming. Lakeshore PBS is available via antenna, cable, satellite, online viewing and on popular streaming devices.

Lakeshore Public Radio reaches over 5 counties in NW Indiana with a reach of 891,000 listeners in the most populated region in the state. Listeners rely on the station to bring them news as it happens here at home and across the globe, as well as the finest NPR programs and unique local shows they won’t find anywhere else. Lakeshore Public Radio streams 24/7 over-the-air, online and across numerous popular apps.

Build Awareness For Your Brand

Program sponsorship provides a unique opportunity to deliver your message—without the clutter of your competitor’s spots. Your organization gains the appreciation of our audience that values the non-commercial and uninterrupted public media made possible—in part—by your sponsorship.

Sponsorship delivers two distinct marketing benefits to your organization. Your message reaches an exceptionally devoted audience that is hard to capture through traditional media and your support of a respected, non-profit public service generates goodwill for your company.

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