Ana Grandfield

Board Chair, Ex-Officio for all Committees

Calvin Bellamy

Treasurer, Finance Committee Chair, Audit Committee Chair

Charles L. Blum

Development Committee

Danita A. Johnson Hughes, PhD

Board Secretary

Dewy Pearman

Board Member

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Dr. Bonita Neff

Board Member

Dr. Larry A. Breachner

Board Vice-Chair, Development Committee, Governance Committee

James A. Muhammad

President & CEO, Ex-Officio on Board of Directors and all committees

Janice Ryba

Board Member

Kenneth Wilk

Board Member

Larry Evans

Governance Committee, Chair Executive Committee

Senator Karen Tallian

Board Member


Debra Rzepczynski

Valparaiso, IN

Ingrid Norris

Valparaiso, IN

Larry Rzepczynski

Valparaiso, IN

Robert Carnahan

Cedar Lake, IN

Sue Beach-Holm

Valparaiso, IN

Teresa Brouillette

Crown Point, IN

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James A. Muhammad

President and CEO

Matt Franklin

VP of Television Operations

Tom Maloney

VP of Radio Operations

Wende Burbridge

VP of Development

Brian Bergholm

VP of Digital

What is the Community Advisory Board?

The purpose of Lakeshore Public Media’s Community Advisory Board (CAB) is to provide a vehicle for the station to receive invaluable input from our viewers and listeners out in the community about our programming as well as our community service efforts. The CAB meets every other month at the Merrillville branch of the Lake County Public Library system. To find out when the next meeting is, email or call 800-276-5656.

CAB members can provide specific feedback about programming on either Lakeshore PBS or Lakeshore Public Radio by completing this Programming Evaluation Form.

Lakeshore Public Media seeks to be the recognized media resource for citizens of all ages to experience lifelong learning, celebrate human diversity, and engage in civic concerns – all to enrich the lives in communities we serve. We cannot do this without your support.

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