Lakeshore Public Media launches major giving network

Merrillville— Lakeshore Public Media, which operates Lakeshore PBS and Lakeshore Public Radio, announced the establishment of the Lakeshore Leadership League, a major giving network intended to nurture the nonprofit organization’s current major donors as well as attract new individuals who can contribute significant financial gifts of support to the station.

At a time when many individuals are facing unprecedented financial challenges, charitable organizations around the nation are dealing with declining donations. Without financial support from community members, nonprofit public broadcasting stations like Lakeshore Public Media would not be sustainable.

“More than half of our annual funding comes directly from community support, which is significant when you imagine what it takes financially to operate a television and radio station 365 days a year,” Carl Kurek, Vice President of Development at Lakeshore Public Media, said. “Our mission is to serve our community by making high-quality, informative programming available to everyone, but we couldn’t do it without all of the supporters who have stood behind us over the years.”

Kurek cites the old adage “Brought to you by viewers like you” that is often associated with PBS programming when he describes how Lakeshore Public Media has embraced grassroots fundraising efforts in recent years. This includes increased on-air messaging that stresses the importance of donations with audiences as well as improved communication with the station’s current donors.

Lakeshore PBS and Lakeshore Public Radio already offers member benefits to donors, but the Lakeshore Leadership League will offer additional benefits centered around unique experiences as well as additional opportunities to interact with the station staff. The League consists of four levels – Ambassador, Director’s Circle, President’s Circle, and Legacy Circle. More information about donation amounts and corresponding benefits is available at

“The formation of the Lakeshore Leadership League is long overdue and will help transform our fundraising efforts as our organization continues to evolve and expand our services. In order to keep accomplishing great things, we need the support of great people,” James A. Muhammad, President and CEO of Lakeshore Public Media, said.

Lakeshore Public Media’s Membership Manager, Riley Egan said donors both large and small are recognized in a multitude of ways in an effort to acknowledge the impact of their contributions.

“We strive to thank all of our donors whether it’s over the phone, through personal letters or on-air from time to time,” Egan said. “Interacting with donors is honestly a perk of the job. No matter what amount someone gives, it all makes a difference to us, and we want them to know that we appreciate their generosity.”

Lakeshore Public Media has been a public broadcasting entity based in Northwest Indiana for nearly 35 years. Their mission is to enrich the lives of Chicagoland and Northwest Indiana residents through lifelong learning, the celebration of human diversity, and engagement in civic concerns. For more information, visit