Lakeshore PBS and Lakeshore Public Radio to broadcast the 2020 State of the State and State of the Judiciary in January

MERRILLVILLE— Lakeshore Public Media announced today it will be broadcasting the upcoming Indiana State of the State and the State of the Judiciary in January on Lakeshore PBS and Lakeshore Public Radio.

Each year, Indiana’s Governor addresses both houses of the state legislature, the state’s Supreme Court Justices, and other state leaders at the beginning of the legislative session in the State of the State Address.  The address provides an opportunity for the Governor to report on the status of the state’s affairs, highlight key accomplishments of the past year, and outline key priorities for the year to come.

Indiana Governor Eric Holcomb will host his fourth State of the State Address in the chamber of the Indiana House of Representatives.  Lakeshore Public Radio and Lakeshore PBS will broadcast the Indiana State of the State live on January 14, 2020 at 6:00pm.  It will also stream online on Lakeshore PBS’s Facebook page.

The State of the Judiciary Address is a constitutionally mandated address given each year by the Chief Justice of Indiana to brief the General Assembly and administration on the state of the Indiana court system.  Chief Justice Loretta Rush will give the address on Wednesday, January 15 from the house chamber at the statehouse.

Chief Justice Rush took the oath of office as Indiana’s 108th Supreme Court Justice in November 2012 after being appointed by Governor Mitch Daniels. The Judicial Nominating Commission named her Chief Justice in August 2014.

The 2020 State of the Judiciary Address will air on January 20, 2020 at 6pm on Lakeshore Public Radio and 6:30pm on Lakeshore PBS.

“Lakeshore strives to bring programming and outreach events that engage our audience – especially those in Northwest Indiana – where we were created to serve,” said James A. Muhammad, President and CEO of Lakeshore Public Media.   “With the new year upon us, this is a great opportunity to educate viewers and listeners as to what is going on with our state government.”

Indiana Public Broadcasting Stations (IPBS) will air the address either live or on tape delay across the state.  IPBS is a not-for-profit association of 17 public TV and radio stations which serve the state of Indiana. Together they provide engaging, educational and informational programming for Indiana citizens.

Lakeshore Public Media is the Northwest Indiana member of the association, serving residents through their Lakeshore PBS and Lakeshore Public Radio service.