Although the low-powered transmitter we’ve been operating with has restored our broadcast to most of our viewers, DirecTV subscribers have continued to see an error message on their screen. DirecTV has informed us that we are not meeting their minimum signal requirements at this time.

A team from GatesAir, the manufacturer of our new transmitter, is scheduled to arrive next week to perform the final tuning and testing needed to conclude the installation and certification process, which will put us back on the air at full power. DirecTV has assured us that they will return us to their system as soon as our full-power signal strength meets their acceptable levels.

Once again, we thank everyone for their patience as we’ve worked to return to full broadcast operation. The process has been delayed because outside teams needed to complete different phases of the repairs have been bogged down with work due to the spectrum repack. We apologize for the inconvenience this has created for our viewers.

This final certification process for our new full power transmitter will close the book on our transmission problems and signify a new chapter in the future of Lakeshore PBS. On behalf of everyone one here at Lakeshore PBS, we are looking forward to a bright future full of great programming and new memories with you!

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