A quick update to our DirecTV viewers

Lakeshore PBS is still operating on our low power transmitter at this time.  Our signal is currently not strong enough to be locked on by the DirecTV receivers to provide a consistent, strong signal.  While this means that we will not be able to provide service to DirecTV subscribers, DirecTV has assured us that they will return us to their system just as soon as our signal strength meets their acceptable levels.

We are still awaiting the final date from our transmitter manufacturer – GatesAir out of Quincy, IL – to complete our full power transmitter installation and certification.  They are continuing to be busy with the spectrum repack and are awaiting a Midwest Installation Team to be freed up to complete the installation.   GatesAir understands our urgency in getting this installation underway as soon as possible.  Their expectation is that it will be approximately three weeks before a team is available onsite.

Lakeshore PBS will continue to keep you up to date on its efforts to resume full broadcast operations. Thank you for your understanding and for your continued support.