Zoeller Touts Legislature’s 2014 Accomplishments

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March 19, 2014 — Indiana Public Broadcasting–


Lawmakers and the state’s attorney general say legislation passed this session will help address Indiana’s prescription drug abuse epidemic from multiple angles. Indiana Public Broadcasting’s Brandon Smith reports:

One of the ways the state tries to combat the prescription drug abuse problem is the INSPECT program, an electronic database that tracks the dispensing of some addictive prescription drugs. Attorney General Greg Zoeller says starting July of next year, approved legislation will require pharmacists to provide dispensing records to INSPECT within three days:

It doesn’t help if it’s a month or two later because we really need to have real-time access to the types of other medication that people may be prescribed.”

The legislation would speed up the reporting time to 24 hours by January of 2016.

The General Assembly also passed a bill providing student loan forgiveness grants to people who pursue addiction training. New Albany Republican Representative Ed Clere says the bill is necessary because it’s not enough to address only the availability of prescription drugs:

We also have to focus on treatment for those who are addicted to pills and other substances.”

The grants are available for psychiatrists, psychologists, psychiatric nurses, addiction counselors and mental health professionals…as long as they practice within Indiana.


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