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Zoeller Responds To Asian Carp Plan

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July 25, 2013 — Indiana’s attorney general is applauding a new initiative by the federal government to stop the invasion of asian carp in Indiana waterways. This week the federal government issued its plan for preventing invasive Asian carp from becoming established in the Great Lakes and controlling them in other waterways.

Attorney General Greg Zoeller joined the federal director of the regional asian carp coordinating committee for a tour this month of the Wabash River, noting that the federal director of the Regional Asian Carp Coordinating Committee John Goss is a native Hoosier, leading the asian carp control strategy designed prevent the fish species from damaging Indiana. Zoeller says the federal program is critical to maintaining the state’s sportfishing industry and the integrity of its waterways which are a vital part of the state’s economic engine.

Zoeller says, “As the lawyer for state government, I want to ensure that Indiana’s concerns are taken into account as the federal government moves forward with its carp control efforts.”


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