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Workplace Bullying In Indiana

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November 13, 2013

A new map making the rounds on social media shows America divided into 11 regions – Indiana’s sliced in three. Host Steve Walsh talks to the author.

Also, we’ve’ve heard about the Miami Dolphin’s bullying scandal. Allegations of workplace bullying aren’t confined to pro football. We’ll talk to an attorney about a landmark Indiana Supreme Court Case, involving a doctor and his staff.

Foreign students are on the rise in Indiana and around the country. Purdue is one of the institutions leading the way. We find out why.

Also snow is here just in time for a new survey showing Most Hoosiers are unprepared for disaster.


Guests include:

David J. Carr Partner Ice Miller

Ian Connor IN Department of Homeland Security

Colin Woodard, journalists and author

Maria Luisa Garcia-Verdugo, PhD, Department Head, Foreign Languages and Literatures PUC

Rajika Bhandari Ph.D. Deputy Vice President, Research and Evaluation Director, Center for Academic Mobility Research Institute of International Education



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