Wood Burning Stove Changeout Program Offered In NWI

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September 23, 2014 — The American Lung Association of the Upper Midwest is beginning a program to offer vouchers to enable residents to replace any poorly-operating wood stoves with newer ones.

The Wood Stove Changeout Program is being set up in Lake, Newton, Jasper and Porter counties in Indiana along with several Illinois counties.  It  will improve outdoor and indoor air quality by removing old, high polluting low efficiency wood stoves and hydronic heaters and replacing them with cleaner burning, more efficient EPA‐certified wood, pellet or gas stoves.

Homeowners who live in the designated project area can apply for a voucher to trade in their non‐EPA certified woodstove. Most stoves made before 1989 are non‐EPA certified.

Vouchers will be granted for:

  •  $1000 to replace it with an EPA certified wood stove;
  • $1500 to replace a hydronic heater with EPA certified wood stove;
  • $2000 for a retrofit of an existing wood stove with a new catalyst;
  • $3000 toward a wood, pellet or gas stove for those who are income qualified – defined as documented current participation in the Women Infant and Children’s Nutrition Program, Medicaid program, free school lunch program or the Low Income Heating Assistance Program;
  • $4000 to replace a hydronic heater (outdoor wood boiler) with an EPA‐ certified Phase II hydronic heater or gas furnace; or
  • $300 for a new catalyst or retrofit for the existing wood stove or hydronic heater.

Upon receiving a voucher, participants will have 30 days to enter into a purchase agreement with one of our participating retailers. The retailer then installs the new stove and recycles and makes the old stove inoperable. The number of vouchers is limited and they are on a first come, first served basis.

For more details, visit www.LungIN.org and click on the “Wood Stove Changeout Program link,” or call 1-800-548-8252.


For decades, the Lung Association has been committed to reducing residents’ exposure to wood smoke.  This new program will build upon past successes.   The program will help improve the lung health of residents in participating communities, while supporting local retail stove businesses who’ve chosen to partner with the Lung Association in this effort.

EPA applauds the American Lung Association for implementing this voluntary program to help citizens in Illinois and Indiana replace older wood burning stoves and appliances with new, cleaner and more efficient units.

This program was made possible by EPA’s Clean Air enforcement settlement with Dominion Energy.

Source: American Lung Assn.

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