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Woman Arrested After Portage Workplace Threat

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August 27, 2014 — A 51-year-old Monticello woman is facing several criminal charges after witnesses said she confronted a man with a BB gun at his workplace in Portage earlier this week.

Police were called to MonoSol just after 11 p.m. Monday when they received a call that Tammy Hawkins was on the way to the business, possibly armed with a gun, and threatening an employee.

According to the Portage police report, Hawkins arrived at the business, demanded to see the man and pulled what later was identified as a BB gun on security and the man at the plant. Witnesses told police they believed Hawkins might shoot them and the man she was there to see.

Hawkins eventually dropped the gun after making accusations against the victim and threatening to kill him. Security at the plant grabbed Hawkins and held her until police arrived.

Police said they believed Hawkins had been drinking. She denied she was drunk and refused a breath test. She was taken to Portage Hospital after telling police she was ill.   The police report states that while at the hospital, Hawkins allegedly slammed a door into the arm of a police officer.

Tammy Hawkins was later taken to the Porter County Jail and charged with felony counts of intimidation and battery against a police officer along with two counts of operating while intoxicated and criminal recklessness.

Source: Portage Police Dept.


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