Weekend Drowning At Lake View Beach

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July 29, 2013 — A 37-year-old Lafayette man died over the weekend after he and two other members of his family were rescued from Lake Michigan at Lake View Beach in Porter.

Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore spokesman Ken Mehnke says Gonzola Silva died at St. Anthony’s Hospital in Michigan City after he was revived on the beach.  Initial reports are that Silva was under the water approximately 20 minutes before being pulled to shore.

A visitor Saturday afternoon saw someone in the water struggling in waves of about 3 – 5 feet in height.  First Responders were able to rescue two family members  in the water and get them safely to shore.  Rescuers then located a third victim floating in the surf about 10 feet from shore.


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  1. AtTheBeach says:

    There were two people swimming, a boy and a man. The boy got out too far and the man started calling for help. The rest of the family got involved, and Gonzola Silva left the group and went out to the boy. The two were out there for a couple minutes, then boy was eventually able to make it back to shallower water on his own, and he was the center of attention. Once he got in, the group realized that Gonzola had gone under and shock set it. A park ranger had come with a rope while both were out in the water, but once Gonzola disappeared everyone was in shock and nobody wanted to swim out with the rope while I held it. Everyone kind of stood at the edge of the water in shock. Maybe the boy was the only one who was a strong enough swimmer to handle those waves. Gonzola washed up on shore 5 – 10 minutes later after going under. I believe Gonzola was the uncle of the boy. I tried to borrow two life jackets but the people who had them had already left. Maybe Gonzola went in so quickly that he was exhausted by the time he reached the boy, or maybe he didn’t know how to swim in those waves and didn’t know what to do once he was in the deep part. It’s amazing how quickly and close to shore the whole thing happened.

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