Trash-to-Ethanol Project Dead?

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Evansville-based Powers Energy of America. has until April 18th to prove the financial feasibility of its planned trash-to-ethanol plant in south Lake County. That’s when the Lake County Solid Waste Management District board next meets — and board member and Lake County Commissioner Gerry Scheub says the board could decide to cancel their contract with Powers Energy.  He told the Lakeshore’s Steve Walsh that he feels “let down tremendously” by Powers Energy owner Earl Powers over a deal that showed promise to earn the county revenue through capturing ethanol from garbage at a proposed facility outside Schneider.

Powers is trying to sell his interests in the project to SMC, a consortium of local construction contractors. But the deal is on-hold until the contractors and potential investors find out more about a Vero Beach, Florida plant that Scheub said is making ethanol from yard waste…not municipal solid waste.  If the board decides to cancel its agreement with Powers Energy, Scheub says there is another company waiting to offer another alternative to landfills:  converting solid waste into biodiesel.  Scheub says that company is Nevada-based Green Nu.

Green Nu spokesman Tony Giordano told the Lakeshore’s Chris Nolte that the company is already operating a waste tires-to-biodiesel facility near Reno.   He said he talked with Commissioner Scheub about 18 months ago about the company’s interest in building a biodiesel plant in northwest Indiana, but the issue is still in the discussion stage.



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