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Volunteers Find Homeless Suriving Bitterly Cold Streets During Annual Count

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January 29, 2014

Host Steve Walsh talks about the approval of a 40 year deal to work with a private contractor to help develop the Gary Chicago Airport.

Also, we’ll reach out to East Chicago; During this bitter cold, volunteers are fanning out to for the annual point to time homeless count.

Last night’s state of the union Address, for the second year in a row, president Obama gave a shout out to creating manufacturing hubs.  Two are in the works. The president called for six more. Could one of them be in Indiana?

We’ll also reach out to State Sen. Frank Mrvan, who is calling for an increase in the minimum wage.

Guests include:

Karen Freeman-Wilson, Gary mayor

Frank Mrvan, state senator

Scott N. Paul is President of the Alliance for American Manufacturing

Kim Hunt, head of Point in Time Homeless Count  in East Chicago


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