Visclosky Details Positions On Gay Marriage, NLRB

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Indiana 1st District Democratic U.S. Representative Pete Visclosky recently announced via facebook that he has changed his stance on the issue of Gay Marriage Rights. He spoke about it in detail Wednesday morning with the Lakeshore’s Steve Walsh. Visclosky also added his thoughts on the latest votes in Washington D.C. regarding the National Labor Relations Board…


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One response to “Visclosky Details Positions On Gay Marriage, NLRB”

  1. Karla Hunt says:

    I think it is great that Congressman Visclosky has stepped forward and reversed his earlier position on same sex marriage. I would hope that the next issue that he tackles would be high school hazing abuse, which affects 1.5 million high school students annually. A mother and son should not have to tackle a societal/cultural problem like hazing, which is so widespread. Lawsuits are being brought across this nation as a result of hazing abuse. As the Congressman stated in this radio interview, we live in a mobile society. It makes absolutely no sense that an American child that lives in Alabama, Arizona or Utah, is better protected than a child that lives in the Congressman’s home state of Indiana. The type, frequency and duration of abuse that my son suffered while participating on his high school team was damaging to him, both physically and psychologically. Schools are places of learning where children should be able to flourish and reach their full potential, not be abused. Please introduce legislation that would protect all children in all 50 states. For information on hazing go to http://www.facebook.com/makehazingstop or http://www.makehazingstop.org.

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