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Vee-Jay Meets The Beatles

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February 3, 2014

Friday is the 50th anniversary of the Beatles touching down in New York. Exactly one year earlier, they released their first single in America – on Gary’s own Vee-Jay Records.

Host Steve Walsh explores the legacy of Vivian Carter and her husband Jimmy Bracken, who founded the most successful African American record label of the 1950s, spawning hits like the “Duke of Earl” and artists like the Four Seasons – And, for a time, The Beatles.

Then we’ll get the history of “Please, Please Me” with author Bruce Spizer.

Also, with the growing number of women returning from deployment in Iraq and Afghanistan is it time for Indiana to have a full time advocate for Women Veterans.


Guests include:

Henry Farag, music producer and promoter

Bruce Spizer, author of The Beatles At Vee-Jay

Lisa Wilken , advocate for women veterans



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