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Utilities Send In New Energy Efficiency Program Proposals

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June 5, 2014 — Indiana’s five largest utility companies have each created proposals for energy efficiency programs, even though they’re no longer required by the state to do so.  As Indiana Public Broadcasting’s Brandon Smith reports, the proposals have been submitted to the Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission:

Legislation the General Assembly passed this year ends the state’s energy efficiency program known as Energizing Indiana. But Duke Energy, Vectren, Indiana Michigan Power, Northern Indiana Public Service and Indianapolis Power and Light are still moving forward with energy efficiency options for their customers. Kerwin Olson is the executive director of the Citizens Action Coalition, a utility consumer advocacy group. He says robust energy efficiency efforts will be “enormously important” going forward in light of new rules proposed by the federal government:

The EPA has put an incredibly modest and flexible proposal on the table allowing the states to come up with their own plans using various means to meet those emission reduction goals.”

Four of the five utility company proposals are only for one year…likely because the state is in the process of crafting a new energy efficiency program to replace Energizing Indiana. IURC spokesperson Danielle McGrath says the governor directed her agency to come up with a proposal that looked at energy efficiency strategies outside of the previous model:

In order to help us look at different recommendations and think about how things could be done differently, we opened up the process and tried to make it as transparent as possible.”

McGrath says that includes a public comment and suggestion period that ends Monday. While there’s no specific date, she says she expects the IURC proposal to be released in the fall.


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