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Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders win Indiana Primaries, Ted Cruz drops out of Republican Primary.


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The mission of Lakeshore Public Media is to build a strong sense of community for the residents of Northwest Indiana by being the leading force in connecting people, ideas and information through multiple, ongoing media and outreach activities. It is our goal to:

  • Promote the diversity of our audience while maintaining a focus on our common bonds and interests.
  • Present accurate and up-to-date news, weather, and sports information.
  • Provide a platform for analyzing and understanding issues relevant to the region.
  • Partner with parents and teachers to ensure the healthy development of children.
  • Participate in the community by supporting and hosting area events.


Lakeshore Public Media  

Home of Lakeshore Public Television and Lakeshore Public Radio

Our dedicated staff of 33 full-time and 16 part-time and seasonal employees includes award-winning on-air talent, directors, and producers, as well as a leadership team that ensures the smooth operation of the station while maintaining financial viability. A 16-member Board of Directors, selected from our viewing area, governs Lakeshore Public Media (also known as Northwest Indiana Public Broadcasting, Inc.). We also receive a twice-annual review from a 16-member Community Advisory Board. In addition, a 200 strong volunteer corps assists with on-air pledge drives and special events that support Lakeshore Public Television and Lakeshore Public Radio.

About Lakeshore Public Television

Positioned in the Chicago Designated Market Area, Lakeshore Public Television serves Northwest Indiana and Chicagoland. We broadcast to 14 counties in Indiana and Illinois, reaching thousands of people in rural areas, small towns, and major cities with our unique blend of regional and national programming. We are proud of our dual identity—being your trusted source for local news, weather, and sports, as well as, the community PBS station bringing you all the quality, commercial-free shows you expect from public broadcasting.

Past & Present

In the mid-1980′s, a group of concerned citizens began looking for a way to give Northwest Indiana a televised broadcast voice. When the Lake Central School District could no longer support local station WCAE, the license was assigned to Gary, Indiana and secured by the founding directors of Lakeshore Public Television. Lakeshore Public Television signed on the air November 1987 as WYIN Channel 56. Today, we remain the sole televised source for local news, sports, and weather, as well as information on cultural events and community issues.

Throughout the 1990′s, Lakeshore Public Television put into practice the vision of a locally active television station.  The first newscast aired with a commitment to cover stories of interest to residents in Northwest Indiana.  The news staff was small–at times it was a one-man show–and the anchor sat in front of a curtain to read the day’s news, but viewers tuned-in, eager to see a newscast with local flavor and focus.  In addition, Indiana Now, the front-runner to our current public affairs programs, debuted with hosts Larry Evans, an area attorney, and now Lake County Sheriff Roy Dominguez.  The show featured interviews with community leaders and state lawmakers like then governor Evan Bayh, and then lietuenant governor Frank O’Bannon.  With the station’s reputation as a community resource well established, the staff and Board of Directors planned to greet the new millennium with a focused effort to strengthen the quality and power of the broadcast signal.

The 21st century and the dawning of the digital age brought many exciting changes to Lakeshore Public Television. In November 2003, a 950-foot tower with a 54-foot analog antenna was erected at our Crown Point, Indiana transmitter site. The new transmitter allows Lakeshore Public Television to harness our full power of 1.35 million watts, sending a strong, clear signal to viewers in a 65-mile radius. In February 2004, with a $2 million state grant, Lakeshore Public Television installed a digital antenna and digital tuner, adding four digital channels (17.1, 17.2, 17.3, 17.4). 17.1 and 17.4 are currently operating.

Today we continue to upgrade the quality of station production and our broadcast equipment. Some of the revenue is generated through donations from local businesses, and state and federal grants. However, our primary resources come from viewer support, the kind of grassroots funding that truly makes us public television.

Local Focus

Lakeshore Public Television knows that you count on us to keep you informed about what is going on in the region; that’s why we feature Northwest Indiana’s only local newscast, Lakeshore News Tonight. We are also proud to offer weather, sports, and public affairs programming with a local flavor, including college basketball games from Loyola and Lewis Universities. Of the 178 PBS stations operating in the US, Lakeshore Public Television ranks 21st for the number of hours of local programming we produce—more than 300 hours annually!

Only The Best of PBS

At Lakeshore Public Television, we realize that our region, and therefore our audience, is diverse in culture and interests. That is why we are delighted to offer top-quality PBS programming, which has something for everyone—the kids, the cooks, the do-it-yourself types, the art lovers, the travel buffs, and so on.

Unlike commercial stations who program by network mandate, we make programming decisions right here in the station. That means we can choose the very best of PBS—shows that educate, enlighten, and inform our viewers. Whether you love the outdoors, crafting, great drama and mystery, or lively political discussion, you will find a show (or two or ten!) to suit your tastes on Lakeshore Public Television.

Production Services

Lakeshore Productions offers remote television broadcast services throughout Northwest Indiana, Chicagoland and the greater Midwest.

Lakeshore’s team of award-winning professionals develops, produces and distributes high-quality television for major networks as well as local and regional broadcasters. Whether it’s live events, satellite uplinks, sports, news or entertainment, we can assist you in getting your live shot or live event on air and ready for broadcast.  Visit for more information.

About Lakeshore Public Radio

Our radio station, WLPR–FM 89.1, first went on the air January 22, 2009. It sought to become “The Voice of Northwest Indiana” with an intensive effort to bring listeners the latest in news, weather, traffic and sports. Using a select schedule of National Public Radio programming, along with news from NPR, and local programming through the day, “The Lakeshore” has become the local FM station with its finger on the pulse of the region.

Lakeshore Public Radio serves the residents of Northwest Indiana with 20 live and local newscasts each day, along with over 30 live traffic and weather updates. Whether it’s election night, or the opening day of the Indiana State House, or the President addressing the nation, Lakeshore Public Radio gives Northwest Indiana full coverage of breaking events and news updates.

Lakeshore Public Radio also airs up to 10 hours of musical programming each night, including the very popular Jazz Night, every Sunday, as well as Midwest Beat, a local music program featuring local and famous musicians including Alice Cooper, Roger Taylor (Queen), and Jim Peterik (Survivor).


Senior Management Team

James Muhammad
President and CEO                                                                                                                                                                   219-756-5656 ext. 302                                                                                     

Matt Franklin
Vice President of Television Operations                                                                                                                            219-756-5656 ext. 334                                                                                         

Mary Lewis
Vice President of Administration                                                                                                                                        219-756-5656 ext. 318                                                                                                

Tom Maloney
Vice President of Radio Operations                                                                                                                       219-756-5656 ext. 363                                                                                          

Roger Wexelberg
Vice President of Development and Public Relations                                                                                                     219-756-5656 ext. 320                                                                                       

Carrie Kuck
Director of Programming and Membership                                                                                                                     219-756-5656 ext. 306                                                                                                   

Nicole Stevens
Human Resources Manager                                                                                                                                                 219-756-5656 ext. 316                                                                                                   

Bob Liptack
Chief Engineer                                                                                                                                                                         219-756-5656 ext. 322                                                                                               


Board of Directors

A Board of Directors governs Lakeshore Public Media. We salute them for their service and dedication. Board members include:

Dr. Bonita Neff, Chair
Dr. Larry Brechner, Vice-Chair
Craig Pratt, Treasurer
Dr. Danita Johnson Hughes, Secretary
Larry Evans, Governance Committee Chair
Nancy Haws, Development Committee Chair
Calvin Bellamy
Charles L. Blum
Ann Bochnowski
Janice Ryba
Dr. William J. Lowe



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2012 Local Content and Service Report to the Community

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Financial Information

Northwest Indiana Public Broadcasting, Inc. certifies that we meet Federal and State Law with regard to donor and data security.

To obtain copies of our latest financial reports, please email us at

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Annual Report

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By-Laws Revised November 2013

Articles of Incorporation

Lakeshore TV FYE 2012 Audit FINAL

Click here for the FCC public inspection files. For more information on our public file, or assistance for anyone with disabilities with issues related to the content of the public file, contact Carrie Kuck at 219-756-5656 x306.

For questions or complaints regarding television programming or Closed Captioning, please contact Carrie Kuck, Director of Programming and Membership, 219-756-5656 ext. 306, or by mail at 8625 Indiana Place, Merrillville, Indiana 46410.