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Union Township Schools Asks Voters For Tax Hike

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Three northwest Indiana school districts are asking voters Tuesday to approve tax increases to keep schools open and teachers and staff on the payroll. The Lakeshore’s Renetta Dubose explains why Union Township Schools is calling on residents to help increase education funding in Wheeler.

Renetta Dubose: Educating students at the current level is becoming difficult for Union Township Schools … so Superintendent John Hunter says the district is asking voters to pay more taxes to keep essential staff and programs.  He says a referendum will be placed on the election ballot Ttuesday.

John Hunter: 22 cents or not to exceed 22 cents per assessed valuation on top of other taxes.

Residents with 100 thousand dollars assessed valuation can expect to pay an extra 65 dollars a year, while residents with 200 thousand dollars of assessed valuation are looking at just under 200 dollars.  Hunter says the district has been on an economic decline for the past five years … spending the rainy day fund and working through state and federal grant changes.

Hunter: Per student funding dropped from 250 dollars a student since 2009.

Hunter says in the past, the school district has avoided cuts that directly impact students.   But if the referendum does not pass … he says cuts are imminent .

Hunter: Classroom teachers…everything will be on the table.

If the referendum does pass … Hunter expects it will bring in one million dollars a year.  To calculate how much you would owe, visit and click on the helpful links section.  In Union Township, Renetta Dubose, Lakeshore News.


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