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Unemployment Benefits Recipents Face Changes

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September 17, 2013 —

INDIANAPOLIS – Hoosiers who receive unemployment benefits for at least four weeks will now be required to go in person to a local WorkOne office for an interview, orientation and records check.

The change – called for by a new state law – is meant to prevent fraud and put unemployed workers on track for getting a new job, state officials said Monday.

Benefits recipients will begin receiving notices about this requirement, as well as information about scheduling their in-person WorkOne visit in October. More information is available online at

“We definitely see this provision as one of the most important steps we can take to help get Hoosiers back to work as soon as possible,” said Scott Sanders, commissioner of the Department of Workforce Development, in a statement. “Our staff will be able to provide insight on how to improve job search techniques and introduce clients to all of the services WorkOne offers.”

Recipients must continue report and keep track of the three places they looked for work each week. In addition, unemployed Hoosiers must be able to show a record of their weekly work searches and a photo ID at the in-person WorkOne visit or risk losing benefits.

Unemployment insurance recipients should make sure their address is up-to-date in Uplink, Indiana’s online unemployment insurance filing system, to ensure they get the notice.


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