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U.S. Steel Closing Gary Works Coke Plant

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February 27, 2015 — PITTSBURGH (AP) — U.S. Steel will close the coke-making plant at its Gary Works on May 27th, displacing about 300 workers.  It’s the second announcement of a shutdown at the steelmaker’s northwest Indiana complex in recent months.

Company spokeswoman Courtney Boone says U-S Steel plans to talk with affected workers and the United Steelworkers union about whether they will be transferred or laid off.

The Gary Works will bring in coke from elsewhere. Coke is a purified form of coal that’s burned in blast furnaces to make iron.

U.S. Steel previously announced that it would lay off 369 production workers indefinitely next month when it shuts down its East Chicago Tin finishing plant.

The Gary Works is the nation’s largest steel mill, stretching seven miles along Lake Michigan. It can produce 7.5 million net tons of steel a year. More than 5,000 employees work there.


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