Turner Is Convinced He’ll Be Exonerated

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March 27, 2014 — Indiana Public Broadcasting —


Cicero Republican Representative Eric Turner is responding to calls for an investigation into his actions surrounding a nursing home construction moratorium bill. As Indiana Public Broadcasting’s Brandon Smith reports, Turner says he’s confident in his innocence:

As the 2014 legislative session drew to a close, language that would have put a temporary moratorium on constructing new nursing homes was eliminated. Media reports surfaced that Republican Representative Eric Turner lobbied hard behind closed doors to kill the measure. Turner’s son Zeke owns a nursing home expansion business. In response to calls from state Democratic Party Chair John Zody for an investigation, Speaker Brian Bosma last week asked the House Ethics Committee to look into the allegations. In a statement issued Wednesday, Turner says he’s pleased Bosma acted quickly and looks forward to a hearing. Turner notes that he recused himself all four times he had the chance to vote on the bill and is confident he acted within House Rules and its Code of Ethics. In his letter to House Ethics Committee members, Bosma also asked them to consider whether the ethics code needs to be changed.


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