Truckers Troubled About Illinois Toll Increases

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January 5, 2015 — Mike Corbin, Network Indiana —

Higher tolls on the Illinois Tollway are hitting trucking companies hard. The 40-percent hike for trucks and trailers went into effect on New Years Day. Plus, two more 10-percent hikes are expected over the next two years in addition to yearly hikes for inflation.

Indianapolis-based Celadon Trucking President and CEO Paul Will says they‘re definitely feeling the impact of higher tolls on the tollway and on highways in the northeast. He says they‘re currently working with shippers on ways to share or absorb the higher costs. He says the higher tolls across the nation will affect everyone including manufacturers, shippers and ultimately consumers.

Will says they‘re trying to pull tolls out as separate charges — like gasoline costs — for shippers so that trucking companies don‘t completely bear the brunt.

The increased tolls are part of the Tollway‘s more than decade-long, $12 billion rehabilitation program.


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