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Trucker In Scuffle With Policeman Faces Criminal Charges

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Police say a truck driver wounded by an off-duty Merrillville police officer this week could face attempted murder charges.

The incident occurred in the parking lot of the Merrillville Planned Parenthood clinic.  Northwest Indiana Major Crimes Task Force spokesman Bob Byrd says the off-duty police officer working security at his second job ticketed a semi-tractor trailer parked illegally at the clinic.  Byrd says police are unsure why the truck driver … described as a 43-year-old black man … parked his rig and left it there for two hours.  Byrd tells Lakeshore News the truck driver violently attacked the police officer … leaving him no choice but to use his weapon.

The truck driver was shot in the stomach during the scuffle and is recuperating in a nearby hospital.  Byrd says the officer is on administrative leave pending the investigation.  The officer was in a marked squad car and in full police uniform when he was attacked.



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