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Trauma Center Bid Comes Down To NWI Hospital Losing Patients

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Sept. 10, 2014

Northwest Indiana was the largest portion of the state without a trauma center. Now there is a rush of local hospitals vying for the designation. We’ll talk to Gene Diamond, CEO of the Regional Franciscan Alliance.

A fast spreading virus is affecting kids throughout the Midwest. We talk to the CDC about whether it is coming home to Indiana.

Gun Control advocates have set their sights on Kroger, asking the grocery giant to ban the open carry of fire arms. We’ll talk to their Indiana representative.

We’ll also talk about the late season bloom of mosquitoes we’ve all been enjoying over the past few


Guests include:

Gene Diamond Regional CEO Franciscan Alliance, Inc

Danny Feiken, medical epidemiologist CDC

Nicki McNally Indiana representative for Moms Demand Action

Bryan Price, senior vector-borne epidemiologist and director of the entomology lab for the Indiana State Department of Health


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