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Trash-To-Ethanol Plant Project Is Dead

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Plans for a long-awaited trash-to-ethanol plant in Schneider have officially been scrapped.   Jeff Langbehn … the executive director of the Lake County Solid Waste Management District… says the agency’s board voted unanimously to cancel a contract made with Powers Energy of America in 2008 to build the facility.   Langbehn told Lakeshore News that Powers Energy CEO Earl Powers sent a 4-page email to the board two hours before Thursday night’s meeting …saying he would not attend and giving a host of reasons why he was unable to secure financing for the project.

“I think everybody on the board wanted to work with a project like this because it means so much…it means jobs and recycling and a reduced solid waste rate   But the problem is… do you have the money. And Powers said: yes, yes, yes.” 

Langbehn says Lake County Commissioner and Solid Waste Board member Gerry Scheub wants to form a committee to research alternative waste projects for the future.  The board plans to follow through on a contract clause that requires Powers to reimburse the board for expenses in pursuing the trash-to-ethanol project.



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