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Transportation Secretary Talks About Mass Transit

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Indiana Governor Mike Pence signed several bills into law this weekend, but not one to expand mass transit in Marion and Hamilton counties.  Lawmakers decided to send that proposal to a summer study committee for further review. Indiana Public Broadcasting’s Sam Klemet (KLEM-it) reports on what one national transportation leader thinks of the issue.

United States Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood spends quite a bit of time in Indianapolis.  One of his children lives in the Circle City. And he says he has an understanding of what the community wants for transit.

LaHood was in Indianapolis for the opening of Indianapolis’ cultural trail. The avid bike ride says he always favors giving residents more transportation options.
LaHood won’t say whether he supports the proposed one-point-three-billion dollar system in and around Indianapolis.
He says his department will listen to and assist with ideas the state brings forward. For IPBS, I’m Sam Klemet.


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