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“Tom’s Top 10 Regional Albums of 2014” — Sampling Songs On “Midwest BEAT”

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This edition of “MIDWEST BEAT with Tom Lounges”  originally aired on January 27, 2014

Each  year Tom Lounges — the host of Lakeshore Public Radio’s weekly “Midwest BEAT” interview/music program and the long time music columnist/feature writer of The Northwest Indiana Times – reflects back over the previous year’s huge crop of homegrown new album releases, and picks his personal Top 10 favorites.

“Tom’s Top 10 Regional Albums” publishes each year in January.  Over the years, “Tom’s Top 10” has become a much anticipated feature of those in the Chicago area music community and the music fans who follow the many regional artists.    Since launching his “Midwest BEAT with Tom Lounges” program on Lakeshore Public Radio, Lounges now follows up the published Times article revealing that year’s Top 10, with a special radio program showcasing one song from each of the ten artists and albums on the list, giving fans a chance to “sample the homegrown sounds of the region.”

This is that special edition program – “Tom’s Top 10 Regional Albums of 2014” –  featuring Chicagoland artists – FRESH HOPS, PAUL SIEMER, JOSH HOLMES, HOWARD & THE WHITE BOYS, BOLSEGA & CRABTREE’S ALL-STAR SHUFFLERS, THE DAY NINE, MARZETTE GRIFFITH, TED SLOWIK, and THE FIGBEATS.  



Read this year’s TIMES feature “Tom’s Top 10 Regional Albums” online now at: http://www.nwitimes.com/entertainment/music/tom-lounges-top-regional-albums-of/article_4e75abb3-3e8b-5cf3-b9d3-5dfa378b955c.html




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