Today Set New Record Low Temperature For Date: -16

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January 6, 2014 by Jerry Howard

The National Weather Service says Chicago today has set a record low temperature for the date (January 6th), with -16° observed.  That reading breaks the old record of -14° set in 1884 and 1988.  It says the last time Chicago dropped to -16° or colder was almost four years ago, January 16, 2009 (-18°).

The Weather Service also says Chicago has only reached -16° or colder 52 days since 1871, and the daytime temperature today will likely be the coldest since January 18, 1994.

The Weather Service office in Chicago says that while today’s daytime high temperatures are expected to be cold and probably colder than the daily all-time record cold highs, it looks unlikely that the all-time daily record cold highs will be broken.

It says, “The technicality that looks likely to prevent Monday from breaking the coldest daily high temperature ever is the midnight temperatures Sunday night into early Monday morning. The midnight temperatures are likely to be the daily highs Monday and are not expected to be below the all-time daily cold high temperature records.  Despite likely falling short of the all-time daily record cold highs . … Monday will go down as one of the coldest days on record.”


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