Three Semis Involved In Crashes On I-65 In Hobart

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December 31, 2013 —  photo from the Indiana State Police, story from the AP

Traffic was snarled on I-65 in Lake County for hours this morning after police say a semi-trailer caught fire following a crash and water used to put out the blaze coated the roadway with ice.

State police Sgt. Chad Woody says the semi caught fire on northbound I-65 in Hobart after a chain-reaction crash about 3:30 a.m.  as traffic backed up from an earlier crash.  No one was hurt in the first crash, but that one driver from the three semis involved in the second collision was taken to a hospital.

Sgt. Woody says once the wrecked vehicles are removed, road crews will treat the ice that’s coated the highway.  Troopers said traffic was routed off the Interstate at U-S 30 and 61st Avenue.

Sgt. Ann Wojas at the Lowell Post reported at 7:15am:  I-65 northbound is expected to be closed until the left and center lane is reopened at about 8:15. The right lane is expected to be closed till at least 9:15.


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