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Three Gary Murders Within 24 Hours

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November 1, 2013 — Gary police are investigating three murders, all reported within 24 hours.

Police say 54-year-old Toshiba R. Moore-Dupree and 62-year-old Leviticus Dupree died of stab wounds at their home at 2537 Delaware Street in Gary.

They were pronounced dead this afternoon while police were already investigating yesterday’s shooting death of 57-year-old Terence Farmer.  Police say he died on the scene in the 3200 block of Georgia Street where he lived.

In both cases the victims were dead when police arrived, and they ask anyone with information related to the crimes to report their tips to Gary police.  Gary Police Detective Alex Jones is investigation the Dupree deaths, available at 219-881-7477, and Detective Lorenzo Davis is available at 219-881-4738 regarding the Farmer murder.

The deaths put Gary’s homicide count at 46 so far this year.


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