This Pierogi Is Filled With Awesome

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Today’s edition of “Regionally Speaking: Friday” was a giant Pierogi filled with the arts and culture of our area.  First, one of your favorite bands, The Energy Commission, stopped in the studio to reveal the name of their new album and tease us with a track or two.  If you didn’t already know, the EC is good, and they just got better, and pinker.

So here’s a clearer version of the track listing for the #newalbum from my #evernote - this is the actual order they will be in too. Had to blur out the title for now.  Gonna send it to text club members first - energy to 77948 #energycommission

Then, host Tavis Buchan tells you what The Hoosier State and Star Wars has in common.

Plus, Mr. Pierogi is in the studio.  This is one of the most delicious programs ever.

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