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Theft Gets Arrests, Including Homeowner

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October 18, 2013 — Three Porter County men face criminal charges today involving a theft in broad daylight, including the owner of the burglarized home.

The men are in jail following a Valparaiso home robbery, including the man who called police.

Police say they responded to the call by 23-year-old homeowner Joshua Scott about a theft in progress at his house, where then police found marijuana and $10,000 cash inside the home, along with marijuana in a vehicle outside.

Valparaiso police say they arrested Scott, along with  22-year-old Travis Talley and 24-year-old Michael Daunora, both of Valparaiso, each charged with burglary.

Valparaiso police say that when they responded to 858 West Street during the afternoon Wednesday for a burglary in progress, two suspects fled from the home, and a police K-9 unit located them nearby.

Police obtained a search warrant for the home after discovering several drug paraphernalia items and a smell of marijuana.

A fourth suspect who was outside the home at the time of the robbery is being questioned and additional charges are being considered.


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