The Feeling of Jazz

Eddie "Lockjaw" Davis

The Feeling of Jazz – Spotlight on Eddie “Lockjaw” Davis (Hr-1)

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The Feeling of Jazz, program # 194 airing December 14, 2014 featured a spotlight on tenor saxophonist, Eddie “Lockjaw” Davis (March 2, 1922 – November 3, 1986), in music presented by Kent Lindquist, while co-host Bill Satterlee presented music by artists like Shelly Manne, Buddy Rich, Howard Rumsey’s Lighthouse All-Stars, Al Cohn and more. Engineered by Dave Woodworth.

9 p.m. Hour – Music by Title, Artist, Album, Composer, Time length

1. Smoke This, Eddie “Lockjaw” Davis-Shirley Scott, Smikin’, Eddie “Lockjaw” Davis-Shirley Scott, 6:04 min.

2. The Goose Hangs High, Eddie “Lockjaw” Davis-Shirley Scott, The Eddie “Lockjaw” Davis Cookbook, Vol. 3; Eddie “Lockjaw” Davis-Shirley Scott, 5:52 min.

3. How Could it happen to a Dream, Shelly Manne and His Men, Shelly Manne and His Men at the Manne-Hole, Vol.1, Ellington-Hodges-George, 6:50 min.

4. Three Day Sucker, Buddy Rich, The Best of the Big Bands, B. Lofgren, 5:06 min.

5. There is No Greater Love, Eddie “Lockjaw” Davis, All of Me, Simons-Marks, 5:37 min.

6. The Song is You, Shank-Cooper-Rosolino-Williamson-Levy-Rumsey, Howard Rumsey’s Lighthouse All-Stars, Vol. 3; Jerome Kern, 4:19 min.

7. On Green Dolphin Street, Eddie “Lockjaw” Davis; Lock, The Foz; Bratislav Kaper, 3:40 min.

8. Vignette, Al Cohn, Overtones, Hank Jones, 4:21 min.

9. Tin Tin Deo, Eddie “Lockjaw” Davis, Afro-Jaws, Pozo-Fuller, 5:10 min.


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