The Feeling of Jazz

Jimmy Rowles, jazz pianist

The Feeling of Jazz – Spotlight #2 on Jimmy Rowles (Hr-2)

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The Feeling of Jazz, program # 189 airing November 9, 2014 featured more of the west coast piano sounds of Jimmy Rowles (born James George Hunter) (August 19, 1918 – May 28, 1996), continuing the theme from Oct. 19, 2014 in music presented by Kent Lindquist, while Bill Satterlee featured artists like Lester Young, Gerry Mulligan, Shorty Rogers and His Giants, Nicholas Payton and more. Engineered by Dave Woodworth.

10 p.m. Hour – Music by Title, Artist, Album Composer, Time length

1. Dirty Butt Blues, Jimmy & Stacy Rowles, Looking Back, Harry Edison, 6:19 min.

2. I’ve Found a New Baby, Lester Young, The Verve Story 1944-1994, Jack Palmer-Spencer Williams, 4:03 min.

3. My Buddy, Stan Getz-Jimmy Rowles, The Peacocks, Cahn-Donelson, 4:24 min.

4. Taking a Chance on Love, Gerry Mulligan Tenet, The Birth of Cool Vol. 2, Duke-LaTouche-Fetter, 2:53 min.

5. Lullaby of the Leaves, Jimmy Rowles, Lilac Time, Pekere-Young, 5:25 min.

6. Four Mothers, Shorty Rogers and His Giants, The Birth of Cool Vol. 2, Jimmy Giuffre, 2:51 min.

7. Yes Sir, That’;s My Baby; Jimmy Rowles-Red Mitchell-Donald Bailey, Trio, Donaleson-Cahn, 4:46 min.

8. Taking a Chance on Love, Nicholas Payton, From This Moment…, John LaTouche-Ted Fetter-Vernon-Duke, 4:27 min.

9. MacGuffie’s Blues, Zoot Sims-Jimmy Rowles, Suddenly It’s Spring, Zoot Sims, 4:11 min.

10.  Sleepin’ Bee, John Bunch-Bucky Pizzarelli, NY Swing, H. Arlen, 5:45 min.

11. You’re Driving Me Crazy, Jimmy Rowles Trio, Our Delight, Walter Donelson, 6:27 min.


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