The Feeling of Jazz

Jazz Pianist & composer Horace Silver

The Feeling of Jazz – Spotlight-2 on Horace Silver (Hr-1)

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The Feeling of Jazz, program # 156 airing March 1, 2015 (an encore from Jan. 5, 2014)  featured a spotlight on jazz pianist and composer Horace Silver (born Horace Ward Martin Tavares Silva, September 2, 1928 – June 18, 2014) in music presented by Kent Lindquist, while co-host Bill Satterlee presented music by artists like Benny Carter, Jimmy Giuffre, Scott Hamilton and more. Engineered by Dave Woodworth.

9 p.m. Hour – Music by Title, Artist, Album, Composer, Time length

1. Juicy Lucy, Horace Silver, Finger Poppin’, Horace Silver, 5:44 min.
2. Me and My Baby, Horace Silver, Horace-Scope, Horace Silver, 5:57 min.
3. When Sunny Gets Blue, Benny Carter, All That Jazz – Live at Princeton, Fisher-Segul, 5:51 min.
4. Bunny, Jimmy Giuffre, The Complete 1947-1953 Small Group Sessions, Vol. 2; Shorty Rogers, 3:26 min.
5. Home Cookin’, Horace Silver, The Stylings of Silver, Horace Silver, 6:26 min.
6. Breakfast Ball, Jimmy Giuffre, The Complete 1947-1953 Small Group Sessions, Vol. 2; B. Brown, 2:24 min.
7. The Kicker, Horave Silver Quintet, Song For My Father, Joe Henderson, 5:24 min.
8. Stuffy, Scott Hamilton & Friends, Blues Bop & Ballads; Coleman Hawkins, 6:25 min.
9. Doin’ The Thing, Horace Silver, Doin’ The Thing – At The Village Gate, Horace Silver, 11:16 min.


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