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THE BEATLES: Remembering The Fabs’ FIRST U.S. Concert with guest Tommy Roe

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This edition of “Midwest BEAT with Tom Lounges” is a tribute to THE BEATLES – four Liverpudlian lads who invaded America 50 years ago this month — fired the first shot of the pop THE BRITISH INVASION and changed the pop culture forever.

Less than 48 hours after playing five songs and taking a bow during their Sunday, February 9th debut appearance on the “The Ed Sullivan Show,” The Beatles gave their first ever concert on U.S. soil.  That February 11th concert took place at The Washington Coliseum in Washington D.C. and sold out in a matter of minutes.

This program remembers that first ever U.S. concert by The Beatles by playing in order the dozen songs they performed on that day in front of over 8,000 screaming fans.

Along with the music, show host Tom Lounges chats with ‘60s pop star TOMMY ROE, who opened that historic concert for JOHN, PAUL, GEORGE & RINGO and who witnessed the birth of BEATLEMANIA a year earlier when touring England with The Beatles.


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  1. Bob Andelman says:

    Want to hear and see more from Tommy Roe about his experiences with The Beatles in the UK (1963) and the US (1964), as well as see him perform bits and pieces of his songs? Watch this Mr. Media video interview: http://www.mrmedia.com/2014/02/dizzy-hear-1963-when-the-beatles-opened-tommy-roe-video/

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