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The Ad Men, September 17th

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Summer isn’t even “dead” yet and Hallowgivingmas has started, Ben Glass talks Lawyer Ads (ridiculousness) & AT&T is in trouble again

Hallowgivingmas, is it ever to early to start the holidays? Last year Matt & Martin waged a campaign to take Thanksgiving back between these two juggernaut ad happy holidays to launch the Ad Men. We talk about what you can and can’t do in this delicate post summer, not quite fall yet time of year. Hallowgivingmas as defined by urban dictionary is the advertising period 1st of Oct – 24th of Dec. and it is 105 days until Christmas, but Kmart is already advertising.

Ben Glass author of The Truth about Lawyer Advertising is our guest on the show to talk about how lawyers never really learned to advertise & what you should know as a consumer about what the ads are really speaking. Translating well-known tag lines and exposing what they really mean.

In addition we review AT&T 9/11 ad that was pulled shortly after it was put up for being viewed by some as tasteless. The issued an apology, but the Ad Men look at it and figure out a way to make it popular (like Budweiser’s 9/11 ad) with just a few tweaks.


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