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The Ad Men 7-9-13

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We cover topics from international to local and on the Ad Men’s show today we cover your favorite “mom & pop” shops in the Region. We talk about Regional pizza journeying out west, and western hamburgers coming out east. We have fans call in to talk about their favorite places including Fahrenheit 212 for their potato rolls & Tommy B’s steakhouse for its sushi! Matt & Martin tell listeners that the way to find out what’s hip in Valparaiso at Valpo Life. Speaking of Valparaiso, we spotlight 49er’s Drive In for being the great bargain during its 57 years in the movie business.

Matt & Martin also go into the way urban environment’s are getting a boost from the craft beer businesses popping up. They talk about all the great local breweries in Northwest Indiana! They talk about how the pop top is celebrating it’s 88th birthday, and much like craft beer making a comeback after being seeing as low-brow. Sam Adams didn’t want to be in the canned beer business until it could create a beer that enhanced the beer itself. They also omitted God from their Declaration of Independence commercial because of the unwritten rules in beer advertising.  Which leads to our tip of the week: make a great product and ultimately it is what sells itself. Yes, we are in the ad business but really what makes consumers come back for more is a great product (which can be shown through great advertising). Almost everything we talk about this week comes down to beer and being focused all regional this week on the Ad Men.


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