Teacher Training Grants Go Out To School/College Partnerships

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October 7, 2013 —

INDIANAPOLIS – The Indiana Commission for Higher Education is now accepting applications for a grant program meant to give extra training to teaches in districts that have the neediest kids.

The Improving Teacher Quality Partnership Program’s goal is to pair up colleges and high need school districts. The program received $966,000 in federal funds for competitive grants help bring those two groups together.

“The Improving Teacher Quality Partnership Program provides an important opportunity for Indiana’s K-12 and higher education communities to work together to ensure that Hoosier students are prepared to succeed in college and careers,” said Higher Education Commissioner Teresa Lubbers. “This program will help the professional development of those school districts.”

Lubbers hopes the program will help those teachers who are operating on limited licenses – those that haven’t come through a traditional education prep program – to raise the quality of their classroom. Lubbers would like to see improvement in areas including classroom management, scientific standards and meeting state standards.

“Ultimately the goal is to recognize the gaps in these schools and address them” Lubbers said. “I want the overall improvement of the student’s educational process to rise.”

Required Project Components:

  • Aligns with Indiana’s Common Core Standards and the high-need school’s Local Improvement Plan.
  • Advances teacher knowledge and understanding of “scientifically based” instruction and the core academic subjects that they teach.
  • Includes plans for independent evaluation and program sustainability.

Preference given to proposals that:

  • Align classroom curriculum and instruction with expectations for college and career readiness.
  • Promote strategies that engage students in rigorous, scientifically based instruction in math, reading and science.
  • Increase the number of “highly qualified” minority teachers and other underrepresented groups.

The proposal deadline is Oct. 16 with proposals due by 5 p.m. Eligible applications must include partnerships consisting of a postsecondary school of education; a postsecondary school of arts and sciences, and a “high need “local education agency, as defined by the U.S. Department of Education. Applications are available at

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