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Tainted BP Gasoline Settlement Hearing Today In Chicago

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November 26, 2013 — A federal court judge is scheduled to hear this morning from attorneys involved in the class-action settlement between BP and vehicle owners who were affected by tainted gasoline refined in Whiting in 2012.

The “fairness hearing” will be held in a courtroom in Chicago.  After the fairness hearing, the judge will decide whether to approve the settlement. Attorneys for both sides felt the settlement was the best route to take,  to avoid the cost, delay and risk of a trial on Price et al v. BP Products North America.

Plaintiffs seek money from BP for its alleged violation of consumer fraud statutes, breach of express and implied warranties, strict products liability and negligence related to the Incident.  BP disputes and denies the Plaintiffs’ claims in the lawsuit.

The improperly-formulated gasoline was shipped out from the BP Whiting refinery to retail outlets in Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin and one retailer in Ohio from August 13th through September 7th, 2012.

Individual payouts could range from $50 for the cost of the gasoline to $1,500 to cover the cost of engine repairs.


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