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Suspect Has 12 More Jail Years for Crime While In Prison

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September 2, 2013 — A Ladoga, Indiana man has a new 12-year federal prison sentence for a marijuana charge from a crime committed while he was in jail.

U.S. District Judge Joseph Van Bokkelen sentenced 48-year-old Rick Weatherford to an additional 151 months imprisonment, and 4 years of supervised release, for his “guilty” plea to a felony offense of conspiracy to possess with the intent to distribute marijuana.

Federal court documents say Weatherford has prior convictions including murder in 1994, after he was already convicted for theft as a habitual offender in 1993, besides trafficking with an inmate in 2002.

In this case, the court record reports that Weatherford coordinated a semi-trailer truckload shipment of marijuana driven from Texas to Indiana for distribution.  The record shows that Weatherford participated in the crime while incarcerated in the Indiana Department of Corrections, using an illegal cell phone in prison.

This case resulted from an investigation by the Drug Enforcement Administration.

The 151-month sentence is to run consecutively with Weatherford’s current sentence.


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