Supreme Court Upholds School Vouchers

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Indiana students participating in the state’s voucher program can continue to attend private schools using taxpayer dollars after the state Supreme Court Tuesday deemed the system constitutional. As StateImpact Indiana’s Elle (pronounced Ellie) Moxley reports, opponents of school vouchers had hoped to sway the state’s high court with arguments that the two-year-old program hurts public schools.


Nearly all of the Indiana private schools that accept vouchers have a religious affiliation. But Indiana State Teachers Association Vice President Teresa Meredith and others challenging the voucher law say the state shouldn’t be in the business of funding religious schools.

I know we live in a very conservative state, but still, I thought the Supreme Court would potentially rule in support of the many, many children who attend public schools every day.

Meredith says money to pay for the voucher program comes off the top of what the state allocates for public schools. But the Indiana Supreme Court says it’s the parents who choose which school their children will go to, not the state.

Friedman Foundation for Education Choice President Robert Enlow says Tuesday’s decision settles the question of school voucher constitutionality in Indiana.

Hope this will start to have our policymakers and our public start to think about how we redefine education to stop talking about school type and start focusing on how we fund kids and how we get quality.

Even before Tuesday’s ruling, state lawmakers were already considering expanding the two-year-old voucher program to make more students eligible.

For StateImpact Indiana, I’m Elle Moxley


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