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Supreme Court Paves Way for Same-Sex Couples to Marry in Indiana

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October 6, 2014

The US Supreme Court paved the way for same sex couples to marry in the state of Indiana. The high court decided not to hear any of the legal challenges to decisions by lower courts, which threw out bans in five states, including Indiana. We’ll break down the ruling.

A new prison program, run by a private company, is geared toward rehabilitating low level offenders. We’ll talk to the Department of Corrections.

We’ll also find out how other states are handling Teacher Evaluations with a reporter from Education Week.

Guests include:

Marilyn Hrnjak, Chief Deputy Lake County Clerks Office

Kyle Megrath, Executive Director of Hoosiers Unite for Marriage

Alyson Klein, reporter Education Week

David Burch, Superintendent of Indiana Short Term Offender Program (STOP)

Paul Castillo, Staff Attorney for Lambda Legal


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