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Support For Expanding The South Shore May Be Generational

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August 18, 2013

Is support for South Shore expansion a generational issue? US Public Interest Research Group looks at why areas need to look at who is driving less.

Host Steve Walsh looks at whether the role of public college professors is changing in light of on again-off again layoffs at Purdue Calumet.

And another Purdue Calumet Professor takes a look at censorship, Mitch Daniels and the work of historian Howard Zinn.

Also, the state’s Charter School Board is looking at sponsoring a School proposed by Laurel Church Ministries in Merrillville, which wants to create an art-focused K-12 school on Taft Street in Merrillville.

David P. Nalbone, Ph.D. Chapter President, Purdue University Calumet AAUP

Phineas Baxandall, Senior Analyst for Tax & Budget Policy, US Public Interest Research Group

David J Detmer, Professor of Philosophy, PUC

Emily Richardson Interim Executive Director and Director of Legal Affairs and Policy Indiana Charter School Board


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