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Superintendents Bill Passes Out Of Committee

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Indiana school boards will have greater flexibility hiring superintendents under a bill approved by the Senate Education Committee Wednesday.  Indiana Public Broadcasting’s Brandon Smith reports:

The bill, already passed by the House, would no longer require school superintendents to be licensed as superintendents or teachers.  The measure’s supporters say it will allow school boards to look for people with specific skills, such as a scenario in which a board might want an incoming superintendent with financial expertise to get the district’s budget in order.  Kelly Bentley of the group Democrats for Education Reform-Indiana says that kind of flexibility is especially important in big school districts:

“Larger districts, in particular, need people who have more diverse talents since they are expected to run a multi-million dollar organization.”

But Department of Education legislative affairs director John Barnes says loosening the requirements so much could open the door to cronyism and nepotism:

“Where there might be enough concern about cost that the view would be, ‘Well, we can work out a deal with somebody who maybe had formerly held a political office.  We’ll hire them on for much less money and get it taken care of that way.’”

The bill narrowly passed the committee by a six to five vote and now heads to the full Senate.  For Indiana Public Broadcasting, I’m Brandon Smith.


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