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Students Harvest Education from Pumpkins

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October 24, 2013  –– Running the City of Hobart can be a tough job, but a few creative minds at Center for Possibilities gave Mayor Brian Snedecor even more of a challenge.  

“I wished I had about five first places because some of the work that was done on some of these and the amount of work that was put into carving them and painting them just goes to show you how enthusiastic they were about the project,” Mayor Snedecor said.

The mayor judged pumpkins decorated by pre-kindergarten students, adult learners and their families.  Learning various education topics is vital, but the school’s Executive Director, Renae Brantley, thinks creativity is too.

She said when students use their hands to work with colors it stimulates learning, “There’s the danger that their disability may impact their ability to learn so we have to do everything possible to continue to stimulate their brains and make sure they’re getting as much learning activity as possible.”

Creative minds saw no boundaries.   Student designs included a witch, a bat and even miniature pumpkins.

“It gives you a sense of all the training and education that needs to be given to those not only in general education but in special needs,” said Snedecor.

Now in its 53rd year, Center for Possibilities operates as the wings of education for people entering public education and those who desire to keep striving.

“It is only of more recent note that the public education system has begun to serve, in a very positive way, children with developmental disabilities.  In our adult program, they’ve been through K-12 education, but then they don’t have anywhere else to go to,” said Brantley.

Center for Possibilities is a non-profit located in Hobart.  Brantley said they are always taking donations at 22 Tyler Ave.

By Renetta DuBose


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