Statehouse Update: Is Indiana Tax Cut Viable?

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Governor Mike Pence’s proposed tax cut is getting support from a Tea Party group while lawmakers say a decision on the cut has to wait at least another month.  Indiana Public Broadcasting’s Brandon Smith reports on the week at the Statehouse:

The Indiana chapter of the Tea Party group Americans for Prosperity announced this week they’ll wade into the debate over Governor Pence’s proposed ten percent income tax cut.  The group will air TV ads, make direct calls to lawmakers and conduct door-to-door campaigns in support of the proposal.  House Speaker Brian Bosma, who says he’s one of AFP’s closest allies in the legislature, says he won’t be pressured by the group’s campaign.  Bosma and Senate fiscal leader Luke Kenley say the April revenue forecast will go a long way in determining whether the tax cut will be viable.  Legislation placing a yearly cap on the amount of over-the-counter ephedrine and pseudoephedrine Hoosiers can purchase was heard in a House committee.  The drugs commonly found in cold and allergy medicine are key ingredients in methamphetamine production.  The cap would limit Hoosiers to eight months worth of the drugs without needing a prescription.  And the Senate Appropriations committee began hearings on the budget bill.  Republicans and Democrats agree healthcare spending – including Medicaid expansion – is the biggest question hanging over the entire budget process.  For Indiana Public Broadcasting, I’m Brandon Smith.


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