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State Offers Local Schools Data Not Take-Overs In New Turn-Around Program

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October 16, 2013

Host Steve Walsh  looks at one aspect of the Affordable Care Act that has some roots in Indiana. What is the medical device tax and why do some people think it’s so bad.

Also, After the tough talk of Tony Bennett, Indiana Department of Education is trying to change its relationship with schools. We’ll talk to the people behind new department’s new Outreach program.

According to a new report, last year’s cold and flu season was the worst in a decade. We’ll find out what that means for the coming year.

We also look at the status of girls in Indiana.


Guests include:

Lindsey Alexander MedCity News

DOE Local outreach coordinators

Linda Randolph and Daniel Bundridge

Dr. Harry Leider Chief Medical Officer of Walgreens




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